A Career that Soars!

Who's it for: 

Women with ambition to advance in their careers!

(Sorry, ACtS! is not for entrepreneurs.)

What's it for: 

ACtS! is a personal leadership and career development global community of career-motivated women like you - filled with resources to help you navigate workplace politics, build confidence, and develop The Missing 33% (Business, Strategic, and Financial acumen). 

If you want to...

  • Elevate your leadership skills to make a difference  

  • Share stories, experiences, ideas around leadership and career success.

  • Find inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspectives

  • Make well-informed decisions about your work, life and career. 


ACtS! is for you...

It's designed as a supportive, private and distraction-free space for women to become the best version of themselves as a leader.

A Career that Soars!

ACtS! Events & Courses

Inside ACtS!, we host  flagship courses  such as - Your Mantle of Leadership, No Ceiling No Walls, Make the Most of Mentoring, and more.


With guidance from your facilitator and wisdom from fellow participants, you will grow in your career and leadership development goals *and cultivate a positive relationships with other ambitious, supportive women.

Join us inside ACtS! and look under the Courses tab to see what's coming up next...

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