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Meet the Podcast Hosts

Michelle Redfern

Michelle Redfern is the co-founder of Lead to Soar and the primary host of the Lead to Soar podcast. Michelle is the founder of Advancing Women, an enterprise providing research and advisory services on equality, inclusion and gender diversity. She is co-founder of social enterprise, Culturally Diverse Women and Workforces. 

Everything Michelle does is grounded in her personal mission and purpose to contribute to creating a gender equal world. She wants her son and daughter, nieces and nephews to inhabit a world where women and girls are valued and respected and equal. She wants them to live in a world where every human, no matter how they identify, can reach their full potential. 

Michelle “Gets Shit Done!” She helps clients get shit done to create gender equal and inclusive workplaces through her consulting and advisory work. She helps women from all walks of life get shit done for themselves and their careers through A Career that Soars! -- Get in touch with Michelle

Mel Butcher (Melissa Butcher)

Mel Butcher is a co-host in Lead to Soar and executive producer and co-host of the Lead to Soar podcast. Inside LTS, Mel is excited to teach courses like Your Mantle of Leadership and Ascend and she hopes to see you inside one soon!

In addition, Mel serves corporate clients, teaching professional development, business, and leadership courses for technical professionals. 

Get in touch with Mel here.

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